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You may see more of her work in the future here at The Journal. I tried to get her to go up front but she said she could see just fine, I left to go get drained then and while I was up front that’s when the lucky bastard got to sit down next to her and play with what I can only assume was a very wet box (dam) Meanwhile in other parts of the theater some regular gals were doing their thing with whomever they usually hook up with, all but the one lady in the green dress played but she may come around eventually, (I hope!!) she drips sex ! Another nice venue for you to try is a sex club on Lakeshore that has a markedly «adult theater like» atmosphere on Sunday nights. As they have always had the feeling that, they could never meet their goals, so they try to finish it up in the least possible time. At least the weather is getting nice.

I like getting it totally anonymously and from behind, and there’s one room in that place that’s pitch black dark and has a number of couches with big cushy arms to bend over. There’s an area in the center isles near the front where the backs of a few seats have been removed, perfect for a woman to bend over. This technology can be seen in action in a few music sites on the web and is likely to be dominant with wireless internet appliances. Unlike a lot of adult theaters, free live nude cams most of the guys in the Metro are straight and are there for quickie blowjobs from the few gays that hang out there. There was other stuff going on, but I’m having a hard time remembering the exact details right now.There was a lot of fucking and sucking between the couples with guys close by watching. Essentially it’s an adult theater without the movie and with a lot more women. It was an erection grabbing, adrenaline pumping, E producing, stimulating adult theater sex moment of the first magnitude. Doc here with a report from north of the border by Amber Aldrich, who describes herself as an «adult theater aficionado, but I’m also a retired psychologist».

Do you have a report from an adult theater you’d like to see here at The Good Doctor’s Journal? I believe she is almost to that point, lavenderhaze chaturbate we’ll see and I will keep you posted. On a typical Sunday night there will be 10-15 women there and maybe 50 guys. She was like the energizer bunny and went on until all the guys standing around her were reduced to a mere shell of dried up men. Located a mere 2.5 inches within the vagina and right behind the clitoris, you can massage this spot directly in an up and down motion and succeed much more compared to actual penetrative sex. So when a woman walks in they go nuts, especially if she heads right to the «rape stand», as we affectionately call it. Awesome report Bob! I agree with him in that sometimes the hottest attraction in an adult theater is the anticipation of a woman ready to make that first big step into «this thing of our’s».

Have a report you’d like see published? So I guess I prefer to be able to see that he’s a man underneath the clothes. I guess that’s consistent with most theater action nationwide, (hit or miss) except of course for the temple of all adult theaters (THE PARIS). During this time we had some amusement when what is possibly the ugliest tranny in the entire world entered the theater and got on its knees and started blowing the old dudes no one wanted anything to do with, so something for everyone I guess? My favorite theater is the Metro on Bloor St. It’s a large theater, very dark inside. Lots of large dark rooms with beds and couches in them. In the end, the dark haired girl was completely out of control and it was great. Great work Amber! We look forward to more insight from you down the road.