This week I wish to talk about single girls who will use you and manipulate you on a primary date. I call them gold-diggers. They don’t seem to be occupied with you, just what they’ll get out of you.

I want give you advice about these types of single girls concerning a primary date. Let’s just say you’ve got met this really attractive and delightful lady and also you’re making an attempt to set up a date to do something. She insists on going to the most costly restaurant in town. Should you go alongside with her? Absolutely not if you can not afford it. And completely not for a first date and I will tell you why: What in case you blow $50-a hundred of your hard-earned cash on her and the date doesn’t work out? You would possibly as well have flushed that cash down the toilet.

One other point is that you will need to not give in to her needs on going to the most expensive restaurant in town. Stand your ground and don’t permit her to manipulate you. Don’t let her use you for a free costly meal you could not afford.

Should you really cannot afford to go to a high-class expensive restaurant, do not let her know it. Just suggest a restaurant that’s not as expensive. When she questions your selection of restaurant, just say that it is where you like to go and so they have great food and a pleasant atmosphere.

I might add, in case you happen to be rich, then I guess it doesn’t matter if a lady insists on going to a real costly restaurant. You have received money to burn, so in case you are used then perhaps it is no big deal. Personally, I like a girl to like me for who I am and never because I’ve loads of money.

Also, I’m not suggesting each lady that wants to go to a real costly restaurant is a gold-digger that just wish to use you. I just need you to be aware that there are women out there that use men and a red flag should go up in your mind when a woman counsel a really costly restaurant for a primary date.

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