The dating game is like a discipline filled with land mines. It is very robust to navigate, particularly with so many obstacles around. You will have serial daters, the needy women, and the crazies. And then you’ve got probably the most hated ladies of all, the gold diggers.

Gold diggers are a ferocious bunch. They are always on the prowl like a hungry lioness. They’re always looking «sponsors.» This is a term that my friends and I exploit when we see guys out at the bars or clubs buying girls drinks left and right. The blokes like to sponsor the ladies night time out on the town thinking that it will get them somewhere. Too bad it by no means works. All they do is get the girls drunk for the fellows that they really like. These girls that take the drinks from the blokes within the club aren’t necessarily gold diggers, but accepting drinks from somebody that you don’t have any interest in in any respect is gold diggerish.

Gold diggers basically use guys that they’ve no interest in for money or particular privileges. Luckily, they’re fairly straightforward to detect. While you approach the less savvy type of gold digger, she will ask questions like:

What kind of automotive do you drive?

How much money do you make?

Does your job pay you well?

I think you get the idea. There are more savvy gold diggers. These women won’t ask you questions about cash or vehicles, they will be more discrete. In the event that they think that they can get at your pocket book later, then they will just wait. There isn’t any need to worry though. Once, you get her number and set up a date, choose a «get to know you» type date. Choose a neighborhood park, beach or coffee shop. Gold diggers don’t go out for coffee, or walks. They go for filet mignon, costly dinners and traveling abroad. Real girls who really wish to get to know you will go for a walk in the park, or to mini golf. The subsequent time you think you will have one in your fingers, just offer a non expensive date to see the reaction.

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