This helps her to feel it’s okay to date Richard, who takes her out to dinner and then they head to Itaewon to go clubbing. Mee-hee is thankful to Gyeong-su and takes him to a yeogwan where she undresses and offers to sleep with him. Mee-hee’s friend Gyeong-su (who is trying to save he from this life) finds him and helps him up. Gyeong-su walks by and sees this and intervenes, but is knocked down. Jeong-hee is out dancing with Richard; Mee-hee sees this and walks away in disappointment. Jeong-hee later talks to Mee-hee and tells her what happened, saying, «We’ll be queen bees together.» She then goes to the disco club and dances alone. Mee-hee’s sister Jeong-hee goes out with a less-than attractive Korean friend that night to Itaewon (of all places!) and he is apparently affected by the lust in the air, and upon seeing a yeogwan, tries to pull Jeong-hee towards it. Jeong-hee runs along a bridge over the Han River (the 63 building visible in the background) and sees the girl standing at the railing.

He gets his wish, meeting her on a bridge while out taking photos a few days later, and he takes her to his studio. Mee-hee is shown teaching and practicing at the dance studio where other dancers rehearse a performance which seems to mix traditional Korean and modern dance. I can’t tell if Jeong-hee is enjoying herself or in great pain (anyone who has seen Gang Su-yeon in the Surrogate Womb will have seen a similar performance). Jeong-hee and Richard leave Itaewon, but they guy she went on a date with earlier tries to approach them once they’re in the car. Cut to Steve’s ex-girlfriend walking through the streets of Itaewon, enchanting tourists as she hands out flowers saying, «I love you Steve,» and talking about marriage as she flutters about, obviously having lost her mind. She heads off to Itaewon and bumps into the foreign guy we saw first who tells her, «You tease me — try me! I’ve got to show you how good I can be in bed!» Jeong-hee, meanwhile finds out what her sister is up to in Itaewon, and follows her.

At Wendy’s is the foreign guy from the first night and his friend (who sounds Scottish). The first foreign guy sees Mee-hee leave and is disappointed, but Mee-hee’s friend decides to cheer him up with a little bathroom sex. Richard tells her, «He’s my friend. And friends share everything.» With no reaction from the Korean woman he was having sex with, he then gets up and, saying, «Come on, let’s have fun together,» watches as his friend rapes her (the third time in the film someone has watched another person rape (or attempt to) a woman they’re dating). After passing through another club (where a woman is having sex with a foreigner on a chair in the corner), they have a meal at a haejangguk place, where the foreigners speak varying degrees of Korean (and apparently like Korean food; «Where’s the kkaktugi?» asks someone). Mee-hee can’t make the danger that foreigners pose sink in, though it does for the viewers, who are treated to a flashback of her rape by another evil black man. Evil black man has obviously met up with the foreign guy from the beginning, who obviously devises a plan for revenge: sic evil black man on Mee-hee.

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