In order for men to be able to understand the function of the external feminine sexual organs that demonstrate orgasm, being able to answer the question, «Do you know how female sexual orgasm actually occurs in the woman’s body?» Shows an element of information that leads to readiness to successfully make love. Agreement of basic philosophical and spiritual concepts is greatly necessary in order to proceed at all with any relationship. Another point is if there is no spiritual agreement of mutual acceptance for the life of each individual in relationships why would anyone make love? It is a formula for disaster and resentment and the sex chemistry was not enough to overcome the spiritual disagreement that forms the quantum field. Including MERKABA during non sexual contact in one’s life to build an energetic field that begets a body biochemically and electro magnetically superior for abundant living including sexual intimacy is recommended.

In an embrace of kundalini aware sexual union that embraces openness of a clean energetic field with the seven energy centers free to communicate energetically in a wordless composition that has a thousand fold more heightened climax than Ravel’s bolero. Skin is a gift to the tactile senses that contributes to a beings openness to experience the five senses ensuring the etheric body’s second energy center empty of depressed energy. Beta blocker drops commonly cause side effects including: low blood pressure, confusion, depression, dizziness, headache, impotence, hair loss, skin and nail changes, diarrhea, nausea, asthma, breathing difficulty, and increased LDL cholesterol. Such care allows for easy examination of the skin which may prevent sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts or crab lice from going undetected and chaterbate co less vaginal chaffing from hair being pulled into it during intercourse and unwanted flossing of the teeth during foreplay. Falling in love with that person gives the opportunity to experience how a being shares the mystery of their soul with another person.

An experience is unknown as exalted over past experiences until the information provided is put to the test. What occurs is that the more traced sensuality of the LOVE MAKING is also highly supportive of a healthy circulatory system where as the over stimulating sex during unfocused sexual activity especially if pornography is included involves the central nervous system over stimulation of a fixative nature which may create a more erratic heart rate and a hyper cortex response. DNA of people who make love first thing in the morning without giving the morning focus to the sovereign self first is a state of polarity consciousness affirmed to the higher consciousness and the inertia set upon the being to manifest as heavenly LOVE MAKING II from the rough sex gif act is intended for day’s end when the being is naturally winding down the day of applying dedicated focus through the Quantum Mind Tech tools and may languor in sensuality with the partner and drift off to a restful, cocooning state (provided here in articles). A higher slightly paradoxical order is the female provided egg for it holds no gender yet so it is a unique receiver of the polarity carrying male sperm.

Female tissue also absorbs the contents of the males ejaculate if a condom is not used and the female lubricant which is affected from the pituitary gland all the way down to the ovaries in terms of hormonal alchemy is absorbed by the male through microscopic tears from LOVE MAKING and the opening of the head of the penis. They were fluorescent, highlighter yellow or bright pink, with the words «HOT MALES WANTED 500 DOLLARS A DAY» spelled out in bold. As a day is created for and by the sovereign Creator exalted so then at day’s end when the sun sets children are put to bed and the magical ambiance of a mysterious, cool evening is upon a man and woman they celebrate the day’s success and make love with the creation of the moment for the couple in the slower light of the night. That carried through the focus of the day to a slower light then sleep. Highly important to know is in the ancient times as the sun was observed rising alighting the land with rays of a new day as the being rises, practice Blue Matrix Energetics Merkaba (a Quantum Mind Tech tool taught in Blue Matrix Energetics also highly recommended.