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Alternatively, the DNA-binding domain may be derived from a nuclease. In a multi-finger zinc finger binding domain, adjacent zinc fingers can be separated by amino acid linker sequences of approximately 5 amino acids (so-called «canonical» inter-finger linkers) or, alternatively, by one or more non-canonical linkers. Pat. No. 6,479,626 and WO 01/53480. Accordingly, multi-finger zinc finger binding domains can also be characterized with respect to the presence and location of non-canonical inter-finger linkers. Pat. No. 10,278,939), which is a continuation of U.S. See also WO 02/057293 and also U.S. Thus, in some embodiments, the DNA binding domain that binds to a target site in a target locus is an engineered domain from a TAL effector similar to those derived from the plant pathogens Xanthomonas (see Boch et al, (2009) Science 326: 1509-1512 and Moscou and Bogdanove, (2009) Science 326: 1501) and Ralstonia (see Heuer et al (2007) Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73(13): 4379-4384); U.S.

In other embodiments, the DNA-binding domain comprises a naturally occurring or engineered (non-naturally occurring) TAL effector DNA binding domain. In certain embodiments, upon expression, the protein contained has, on average, between about 1.5 and 2.5 moles of sialic acid per molecule of ActRIIB-Fc fusion protein. Thus, for targeted double-stranded cleavage and/or targeted replacement of cellular sequences using zinc finger-FokI fusions, two fusion proteins, each comprising a FokI cleavage half-domain, can be used to reconstitute a catalytically active cleavage domain. Nos. 6,453,242 and 6,534,261. For engineered zinc finger binding domains comprising more than three fingers, insertion of longer («non-canonical») inter-finger linkers between certain of the zinc fingers may be desirable in some instances as it may increase the affinity and/or specificity of binding by the binding domain. In addition, the DNA-binding specificity of homing endonucleases and meganucleases can be engineered to bind non-natural target sites. Accordingly, there can be gaps of one or more nucleotides between subsites in a target site; i.e., a target site can contain one or more nucleotides that are not contacted by a zinc finger. There is some irony here.