Congress to strengthen laws to prevent child sex-trafficking under the Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation (SAVE Act) of 2014 that would have targeted Backpage and held it accountable. She now argues that it isn’t possible to shut down sites like Backpage and that laws should target buyers rather than websites that advertise children for sex. The site has been sued repeatedly by state prosecutors, sex trafficking survivors and victims’ advocacy groups, and was seized by federal authorities and shut down last April. • Proposed state laws aimed at curbing Backpage’s child sex advertisements in Washington, New Jersey, and Tennessee. • The «reckless» standard in early versions of Congressional legislation such as the SAVE Act, which strengthened child sex trafficking laws by making it illegal for online advertisers to recklessly disregard child sex trafficking occurring on their websites. • A Seattle case in which a 15-year-old girl was sold for sex more than 150 times. • A legal case brought by three underage sex-trafficking victims who were advertised on Backpage and sold for sex in Massachusetts and Rhode Island more than 1,900 times over three years. Online, the same girls appeared in ads alongside a carefully constructed sequence of codewords alerting those seeking high school-aged girls for sex that «yes, you’ve come to the right pl


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• A Miami case of a 13-year-old girl whose pimp had tattooed his name on the girl’s eyelids. • A Chicago case in which a 16-year-old, suffering from depression, left home. All of the plaintiffs in the case — aged between 12 and their mid-twenties — were exploited, raped and abused through Backpage after it became a client of Salesforce in 2013, said their lead attorney, Annie McAdams. The trafficking survivors, identified in court documents as Jane Does for fear of retaliation, are seeking compensation for «catastrophic» damages, McAdams said, which include physical pain and mental anguish. She refers to the girls as «Jane Doe», a reference to an anonymous party in a lawsuit, but most of the girls claiming they were raped and trafficked are identifying themselves in the process. «With Salesforce’s guidance, Backpage was able to use Salesforce’s tools to market to new ‘users’ — that is, pimps, johns, and traffickers — on three continents,» said the lawsuit, filed on Monday in California


Three weeks later, live xxx cams she was advertised for sex on Backpage and murdered at the hands of her Backpage buyer. While Backpage’s role in selling sex has been in the news for years, it is not yet clear whether Salesforce’s services directly aided the trafficking of the women, she said. For years, it has operated in broad daylight, offering trafficked girls for sale with impunity, thanks in large part to a legal shield — Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in the United States protects internet companies from liability for the content posted by its users. Google says the law provides it with almost unlimited immunity from liability for crimes committed using its services. Janeli says. ‘Unfortunately, I know that means that people might listen to me before others. That might be about to change. As you change the pressure on the We-Vibe while making love, the harmonic throbbing will dynamically change to match your rhythms. » and give it a tiny high-five, or if you prefer, a tiny fist-bump will also work


Despite setbacks, many campaigners — from non-governmental organisations and the business community — remain optimistic for the future, but stress there is still much work to be done. • Google hired one of the leading campaigners for shutting down Backpage’s child-trafficking ads, who, after being hired, then changed her stance on the issue to align with her new employer. The lawsuit claims that Salesforce profited from sex trafficking by creating customized data tools for Backpage, which was shut down in April 2018 by federal authorities following allegations that it primarily sold sex. Since 2011, the nonprofits have helped Backpage defeat several cases related to child sex trafficking by filing Section 230 briefs on Backpage’s behalf. • Legal scholars and groups supported by Google have written letters and amicus briefs in support of Backpage. • Efforts by law enforcement in Cook County, Illinois, to prevent the use of credit card payments to purchase ads offering child

for sex.