I tend to switch to another scene if I’m stuck. I usually outline a scene or jot down ideas at night and then write it early in the a.m. My job is super long hours and my brain is fried at night & I need to work out early am. In her new memoir, Camgirl, Isa Mazzei writes about just how much work goes into being a camgirl, calling it the hardest job she’s ever had. In order for a State to be in compliance with subsection (a)(6), the State shall submit to the Secretary a plan that, at a minimum, includes the following: (A)A description of the State’s system of care that- (i)identifies the single State agency responsible for the administration of the program, including any third party who administers substance use disorder services and is responsible for complying with the requirements of the grant; (ii)provides information on the need for substance use disorder prevention and treatment services in the State, including estimates on the number of individuals who need treatment, who are pregnant women, women with dependent children, individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder, persons who inject drugs, and persons who are experiencing homelessness; (iii)provides aggregate information on the number of individuals in treatment within the State, including the number of such individuals who are pregnant women, women with dependent children, individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder, persons who inject drugs, and persons who are experiencing homelessness; (iv)provides a description of the system that is available to provide services by modality, including the provision of recovery support services; (v)provides a description of the State’s comprehensive statewide prevention efforts, including the number of individuals being served in the system, target populations, and priority needs, and provides a description of the amount of funds from the prevention set-aside expended on primary prevention; (vi)provides a description of the financial resources available; (vii)describes the existing substance use disorders workforce and workforce trained in treating co-occurring substance use and mental disorders; (viii)includes a description of how the State promotes evidence-based practices; and (ix)describes how the State integrates substance use disorder services and primary health care, which in the case of those individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders may include providing both mental health and substance use disorder services in primary care settings or providing primary and specialty care services in community-based mental health and substance use disorder service settings.

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