For the first time in this match — or even rivalry — Vero has taken Mastodon off his feet! All these months later, and we finally, for the first time since summer twenty-eighteen, see that Leon Tyrell has returned to Whirlwind Wrestling? And one very drunk, brand nude teen redhead new, International Whirlwind Wrestling champion living it up… Goosebumps at its best, the commercial is timed right ahead of International Women’s Day and is a fitting reply to those who believe that women cannot achieve anything. Once, she said she had to leave early as she had to attend the Remembrance service the following day. Cruz Bleckley: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Count Out Only Match, for the Gulf Coast Championship, chatbrute and is your main event of the evening! Vero then turns and puts one foot over Mastodon’s chest while Bianca drops down to mock count the pin. He snarls, then grabs the two girls and throws them over the top rope and to the floor below


> Mastodon finally backs up and lets her out, only to come right back and send her FLYING over the top rope with a thunderous lariat! Then he turns to Bianca and as she slowly starts to back away, he pounces on top of her; a punch, two, three, four, five — before Vero jumps on his back to disrupt him — but instead he springs back up to his feet and marches around, until dumping her off him with a back body drop, ONTO Bianca! » The champ proclaims and then kisses the hottie on his arm. Champion James holds up his bottle of bubbly and holds the hottie a little tighter. With a bottle of bubbly in his hand, a hottie in the other, he spots the camera, sporting the biggest smile. » James exclaims and then pours the bottle over himself «I told you I would fucking win this motherfucker right here


> If you are like so many other people and are sick and tired of having wires all over the place congesting your working area, then a wireless mice is exactly what you need. However, most of the chat types are similar, making it easy for you to go from one category to the next without having to learn how to use the feature all over again. Paul Irwin, the founder of Sheepdog Bloodhound, a watchdog group that polices apps for predatory behavior aimed at kids, said the problem with the random chat apps is that the interactions start as private. These apps can help break the ice and keep the exchange private (and away from the more mundane conversations of daily life). The more you tip the more intense vibration they receive and the closer to climax they will get — which makes for ultimate viewing entertainment and thrill. Viewing the sexy hot girls actually enrages the sexual desires of the men. The World Wide Web is immense, which means you could meet the special men or women in almost any internet hobby you have.Internet dating sites are become popular way of meeting somebody. Thatcher: There’s only two men this guy could be talking about, so…

p> Thatcher: I don’t believe it. I gotta be honest, I don’t think she has what it takes, and I don’t want to see her somehow escape. We will always move at the speed that the client is comfortable with and at all times provide a clear explanation of our services and the costs involved. It’s clear she had no intentions of getting back in the ring any time soon… Earnings change all the time. No longer will you have masturbate all by yourself in a dark bedroom with nobody to keep you company. That’s right, all of what I have could have been yours, but you had to be like the rest of the stupid capitalist American scum, just another of the bottom feeder afraid of losing the little status you had that you couldn’t dare show your face again. ’s not like I could blame your inability to answer the phone, you barely could even look at such a disgusting face in the mirror anyway…

The shoe just kinda sits there in his meaty physique while she stands over him, both her arms outstretched and the most bitchy look plastered across her face… Collectively, the duo known worldwide as «The Pretty Committee», were standing tall over a man whom could easily turn them into mush. Introducing first, the challenger, he is the rampaging man beast, THHHHEEEE MAAASSSTTOOODDDOONNNN! The Mastodon stomps around the ring, pumping up his arms in unison to the chants of Tijuana for this man to finally take his rightful place as Gulf Coast Champion. Vero’s body makes a loud and unceremonious thud — to the approval of these Tijuana natives, naturally — as her body hits the floor. How dare Tijuana cheer for this buffoon instead of the sweetest, prettiest women in wrestling, anyway? That title deserves a holder whom will defend it vigilantly, and with honor… Give us a chance to serve you and you will be glad about your dec