AT&T TV Now, on the other hand, is a live-TV streaming service along the lines of Sling TV or YouTube TV. Subscribers to HBO Now can upgrade to HBO Max free, best cam porn and HBO subscribers via AT&T can get it free too (that is, HBO customers through DirecTV, U-verse, AT&T TV Now, AT&T TV and AT&T wireless users who can add HBO with certain unlimited plans). To watch on TVs, AT&T TV has its own proprietary streaming box that AT&T requires you use, and subscribers can watch everything on mobile devices with an app too. HBO Max will also be offered through Apple: You’ll be able to sign up for HBO Max in the service’s iOS app through an in-app purchase, and Apple will also integrate HBO Max into its own TV app, which allows you to congregate certain streaming channels to watch them in one place. The main difference is who uses them: Anyone can sign up for HBO Now for $15 a month, while HBO Go is the app for people who already have an HBO subscription through a live-TV provider like cable or satellite.

But it gets more complicated if you already have HBO. Yep, AT&T has even more streaming services. Some people who already have an HBO subscription will get Max included for free — anyone who already pays for HBO through AT&T (HBO’s parent company), the AT&T satellite service DirecTV, or Charter and its Spectrum services. How is HBO Max different than all the rest of AT&T’s streaming services? A reported $425 million deal to win the rights to all episodes of ’90s hit Friends, which has left Netflix to start streaming on HBO Max at launch. Like those, HBO Max will have a sprawling catalog of hit shows and movies, plus a big-budget slate of exclusive originals packed with stars. And how do I get Max if I already have HBO? «The fact that the sex industry in New Zealand has been decriminalised has a lot of advantages, and it proves itself now with this virus issue, in the sense that all sex workers in New Zealand get their access to benefits,» says Joep Rottier, a criminology researcher at Utrecht University, whose dissertation looked at the New Zealand model.

In the Netherlands, Rottier is concerned some sex workers find it difficult to observe social distancing measures designed to prevent the spread of the virus. The social economy is occurring, for real, all the time. «I’m kind of happy to spend a bit more time messaging people and keeping in touch,» she says. «I think it’s kind of something I took for granted; it just becomes such a normal part of our lives to spend so much time around people in an intimate setting, and now it’s a little bit of a shock to the system to not have that kind of closeness with people,» she says. Cams — Cams have been an amazing money maker through the years improving year over year for all involved. Rottier says that thanks to the New Zealand sex work community’s robust relationship with law enforcement, police officers have taken over outreach activities from NZPC, finding sex workers who are working in the street and directing them to groups like NZPC which can help them get financial assistance. Thank you for giving me hope that there are men out there that have common sense. Nearly every day I learn of some new offering to help keep you occupied while you wait it out at home.

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One snippet showed actress Anna Kendrick in Love Life, an anthology series produced by Kendrick and Paul Feig that follows one character per season through a new romantic relationship each episode. Abrams will produce at least three series for HBO Max: a show set in the Justice League Dark universe; Overlook, a thriller based on Stephen King’s The Shining and set in the Overlook Hotel; and a 1970s crime show called Duster. New DC titles. A secretive Green Lantern series that producer Greg Berlanti (a young-adult TV guru behind Riverdale and Arrow) says will travel to space and «promises to be our biggest DC show ever made.» Strange Adventures, a one-hour drama anthology series also produced by Berlanti that explores the intersecting lives of mortals and superhumans. On HBO Max, he’ll help produce a show set in the Justice League Dark universe; Overlook, a thriller based on Stephen King’s The Shining and set in the Overlook Hotel; and a 1970s crime show called Duster. And Disney set up a deal with Verizon so any of the carrier’s mobile subscribers get a year free. A visit to the on-line Encyclopaedia Britannica exemplifies some of the tremendous, mind boggling possibilities: Each entry is hyperlinked to sites on the Internet which deal with the same subject matter.