This kind of marriage leads to suicide among women; it causes depression and misery to the lives of such victims. Gender-based violence: Ladies are suffering from gender-based violence, they are the victims of sexual harassment in organizations, schools, public parks, metro stations, airports, etc. They are also suffering from sex trafficking whereby many women are taking from African and Asian countries to Europe for shady businesses. Aspirant ladies do not have the chance of being elected in high political positions, unlike men. Good looking girls are being digitally solicited by hundreds or maybe even thousands of guys. If you manage to ascertain that the searcher is looking for information relating to human health, you still wouldn’t know whether it was for, say, asthma, and if so is that for an adult, child, ex-smoker or someone that lives at high altitude? After he separated from his wife, he would still talk to her about their kid.

Restrictions in career choice and business: women are not giving equal chance like men in career choice and business, family and society help in developing this discrimination in which certain courses are not meant for women, for example, hot live webcam space technology, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace, automation, etc are not politely made for women. Sustainable gross and high per capita income, as well as economic development, can be achieved when the chance of growth is given to anybody in respective of their gender. The chances of reaching high positions are denied to the woman. Here is a young woman making announcements about her sex tape. Walker held the sex party just a day before he had urged supporters to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. Joi Ito, the Media Lab’s director, resigned his position on Saturday, a day after the report was published. It is difficult to see many ladies in the position of CEOs, Board directors, managers, heads of departments, etc. This practice should be scrapped and the position should be allocated based on merit, not gender. In our more complex world, women are always supportive to go for courses like nurses, teaching, guidance and counseling, therapy, cam show porn etc. even in business ladies always find it difficult to get support from family and society, unlike men.

Support women participation in politics: to enhance the capability of women to be able to hold political positions, political mentoring and training should be settled for women, they should be equipped with skills to hold local, state, and regional offices. Lack of support in politics and key positions: women are considered supportive and this way of thinking helps in restricting them to have access to power. This practice helps in neglecting most of the contribution that women supposed to make in our today’s laws and policies. In rural areas such practice is worst whereby parent and relatives use their daughters as means of settling debt, they give their daughters’ marriages to someone to settle their debt. Likewise, getting pregnant also means being fit to carry a baby inside the womb for nine months. The policy of zero sexual harassment should be used to prevent the harassers from holding any political position; it is also good to consider jail and heavy fines as a means for regulating the policy. Zero tolerance of sexual harassment: the punishment of sexual harassment should be implemented everywhere such as workplaces, malls, schools, hospitals, parking spaces, etc. The law must strongly protect women from downgrading their rights and privileges.

To have sustainable economic growth and development, we must shun away gender discrimination in the workplace. The standard methods should be used in selection without using gender bias. Using these toys for pleasure is no longer a social taboo anywhere. By empowering women the aggregate consumption of society will increase which leads to an increase in investment level, in the end, it increases the gross domestic products that laid the grassroots for sustainable development. Massive Investment in women education: to achieve sustainable development, the government should invest massively on women’s education. The general perception of society has an impact on lowering the rate of women’s participation in government. Women’s literacy helps in adopting a hygienic environment, reducing the high rate of diseases such as HIV, malaria, cholera, etc. Therefore, educating women is among the fastest way to reach sustainable development. The bottleneck in holding high positions in an organization: this is another problem that women are facing almost all over the developing countries; it is hard for women to reach a high position in an organization.