A stock change or stock market is a center the place traders purchase and sell shares of companies. Firms wish to get their stock listed on the stock exchange. A big company normally has its stock listed on many exchanges throughout the world.

Now the point comes that what are the shares: Shares are a small part of an organization, when someone buys shares in a company it means buyer owns a small piece of that particular company. Price of shares primarily based on many different things. The principle thing that affects the worth of shares is the balance sheet between demand and supply. Allow us to know how it affects, in that case many traders need to buy a stock then the price of that share goes high and if there is more sellers than the worth of that share goes down.

Stock Market Capabilities

• Pricing of Securities: Stock market provides the platform to get the values of the securities on the basis of supply and demand factors. The securities are valued higher as there’s more demand, by means of this way the worth of securities is set, more demand the more value of securities. Investors can know the value of their investments, thus; valuation of securities could be very useful.

• Safety of Transactions: Each stock change is organized market and has its own law. Each member has to comply with the principles equally firms additionally should follow the strict rules and regulations. This will ensure the safety of selling and buying by the stock exchange.

• Contributes to Financial Growth: Many firm’s securities are purchased and sold in stock alternate, traders can purchase securities to get benefit and can sell in case of need of money. These processes of funding encourage the buyers to speculate their money in industries, thus economic development becomes possible.

• Spreading of Equity Cult: The stock exchange performs an essential position to encourage the traders to invest in ownership securities. Stock trade guides the investors by giving them economic updates generally this information is published, by giving knowledge about investment and giving higher trading practices and much more.

• Providing Scope for Speculation: When buyers purchase shares to get a profit because of this the modifications in market value of that shares called speculation. Some scope of hypothesis should be allowed with a view to provide liquidity to securities, share market provides this facility.

• Liquidity: The principle function of the stock market is to provide a platform for getting and selling shares and thru these traders get assurance that they can convert their funding into money whenever they want. So, buyers put money into long term funding without any hesitation because they will convert it into short time period and medium time period every time they want.

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