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4 years ago The mysterious stranger tosses the case in front of new addition and simply drives off. Michael Storm takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd lazily as he turns back to the ring in front of him. As he jumps out, he takes a moment to have a full view of his audience. Deville hits the mat but is quickly back up, as Dread Wolf takes him down with a clothesline. Dread Wolf now reaches across pulling Deville’s leg up for the pin, as the crowd chants along with referee Emilie Rose as she counts… Referee Emilie Rose is still counting them out in the ring, Donny Deville picks up Dread Wolf’s limp body, rolling him in as he climbs in after him, and goes for the pin referee Emilie Rose moves in for the count. Speaking of Prestige Champions, he’s out here tonight looking to become the champ by beating Seth Dillinger!

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