We went to the department store and to woman’s fashions. We walked out of the store and I know I had a little more swish in my walk. She was a size twelve and her dresses were a little tight on me so she told me to go to the size fourteen rack and look for something nice. I told her she looked beautiful and she took my hand and led me back toward the dress racks. She started to look at dresses and told me to do the same. I watched as she selected a couple of dresses and went toward the dressing room to try them on. I held up both dresses and she nodded her approval. I am signing off now so I can ask my son what does «test my gangster mean.» I heard someone say it, and I hope it does not mean anything ugly.

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The next thing I know they were coming over to my table. I just couldn’t imagine her coming into the changing room with me. I heard Janet outside my dressing room and she asked me to come out so she could see. Did she come in the room with me and watch me undress? Trying on meant I would have to undress in some fashion. I wasn’t sure what that meant until we went to the foundation department and she selected a white petticoat. Then I knew what she meant. Janet wasn’t here so I started to panic then I decided to give it a try and I answered the sales lady just raising my voice a little. Then it’s completed with no hard feelings from either party. She went to the sales counter and paid for it all. This seemed to sidetrack the sales lady that was following me to my relief. All of a sudden a sales lady came up to me and said the dress I had in my hand would look great on me would I like to try it on. The sales lady was following me and said something that sounded like «here I’ll help you».